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Tick Tock

And so the sparrow
follows a zephyr
supporting her
feathered wings
and landing on a
stone in the midst
of a rolling stream
where grassy banks
color the world green
and effortless is this
time that she knows
only as limitless


Liquid Breathing

Diving under majestic waters
The jellyfish swarm translucent
Dreaming in hues of blues and
White lacy backgrounds as a
Backdrop to wonders in a new world
Popping corals and clownfish and
Sea anemones and voluminous
Plankton clouding yet invisible to
The eye as daylight illuminates
Shallow depths. A lifetime of beauty
Captured in a drop—life on an ocean’s

If I could live beneath the waves
A calming essence of mineraly
Saline to inhale the wonder and
Untold tales of dreams captured
By myriad daydreamers who toss
Their souls upon Posidon’s fork
Which sink as jewlboxes trapping
Lost possibilities, because the nature
Of impossibility was believed. And the
Tides shift with resulting tears.

Realism too often serves as a deathtrap to
Hope, but then the white dolphin sings
His song while thousands of suns sink
Behind thousands of horizons, and we
Drink in again, dreams renewed by
Seaside waves and engulf our small
Heads filled large with desires.


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Dewy garden leaves, the dawn
kisses the morning for early risers
who courageously notice the breath
of creation.

Color palates in shades of divinity, reach
through to stir imagination and create our

The front yard’s magic just beyond
the door. It’s time to begin.

Inspired creation.


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Never to be lived again not the same
way. Something different to betray past
and habitual harm. Returning only as
memories like sticky candy or the smell
of rain on hot pavement.

Excitement in opportunities,
possibilities not thought of, heard
of or yet imagined – clouds of promises
un-kept until the paper packages open
beneath injured thumbs.

A disciplined mind, body but wild
spirits previously contained, freed
among the overused stuff, tattered
after too many years of misuse and
angry and vindictive. Time to be replaced.

And the new year begins – a joyful
magic to cleanse unwashed stones
turned over with silly babies dwelling
underneath. Reveling in alien happiness, joy
and success – sunshine illuminating the caved.

Why wait? Why ever wait?


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