Another post ABOUT “The Book of Carver”

Hi readers, and thank for indeed reading along. This post is for you and your curiosities. The “book” is an obvious work in progress. I am literally posting this as I write–no editing. What this means is that the flow is mostly nonsense. I will probably write to Chapter 12, and then I will begin a process of reflection and deep revision, molding the story into a work that makes sense to me. Currently it’s nothing more than mind-wanderings. I thank you for taking your time to read these bits of creation, and I hope that they are compelling enough in concept to encourage you to keep posted. Also, if you have any thoughts, critiques, suggestions, comments or would just like to say hello, please leave a message for me. Thanks again!

Happy trails  –Daphne

[To read “The Book of Carver” on this blog, feel free to click on the “FICTION: Novel” category. There you will find Chapters 1-5 in completion and Chapters 6-7 as a separate post–all that has been completed to date, using the term completed very casually.]

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Daphne’s Bio Sketch

Daphne Taylor Street

Daphne Taylor Street is a freelance writer, communications consultant and public speaker in the Tampa Bay area. She has been a professional in the nonprofit industry for more than 18 years, spanning everything from fine and performing arts to substance abuse and mental health services. In the summer of 2011, Daphne left her full-time job as a grant writer to pursue her freelance writing and communications consulting business in full-force, and added her former employer as a client.

Armed with a background in communications, marketing and sales along with nonprofit development and public speaking, Daphne is working with small businesses and nonprofits alike to help them amplify their branding and increase overall business sustainability. Tools offered include copywriting services, strategic planning, workshops, trainings and multimedia presentations.

Daphne’s strategies have lead businesses to realize increased positive mainstream media coverage; amplified interactive social presence, significantly increasing marketing reach and customer service ratings; procurement of grants, loans and contracts to cultivate and sustain business development; increased partnership and collaborative opportunities leading to increased sustainability and resource-sharing; and, increased sales and lead generation.

A native to the Tampa Bay area, Daphne was raised with the belief that you have a responsibility to give back to your community however you can. Through volunteerism, advocacy and celebrating all of the great people and resources that make Tampa Bay the incredible community that it is, Daphne accepts this responsibility fully.

Daphne has professional experience and formal training in the fine and performing arts, including classical voice performance and jazz, acting, painting and drawing and poetry, fiction and prose.

Daphne is an avid blogger, covering topics such as communications and writing to leadership and culture. You can visit Daphne on her blog:; check her out on LinkedIn:; or contact her directly via email:

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