About “The Book of Carver”

18 Nov

Honestly, “The Book of Carver” is only my second real stab at fiction. I have spent most of my adult life writing nonfiction for a living through business writing and journalism. However, I’ve never been a big fan of reality, so this is my opportunity to allow all of my imaginary friends to run amuck in the world and give power to their voices.

As I said, “The Book of Carver” is my second stab at fiction. My first try is still in progress, and it can be found here on this blog as well–just a skeletal structure of a few chapters with only the Prologue and Chapter 1 complete, and I think Chapter 4 is mostly complete, too.

But, about “The Book of Carver,” it began as a flash fiction story (Chapter 1 of the book). The rest is an expansion on this story, because I liked it so much, and I simply wanted to know more about Carver and his life. I really like Chapters 1 – 4, but I’m not certain I like Chapter 5 as I’m writing this here post on November 18, 2011–it’s almost 2:00 a.m. So, I’m going to bounce off to another place for Chapter 6, introducing a new character that will tie into Carver’s tale, and perhaps I’ll go back and change Chapter 5 to better suit the introduction of this new character and her role in the story. Maybe I won’t change Chapter 5 at all. We’ll see.

When, you ask? Well, I have quite a bit of actual work to do Friday – Saturday, so Sunday I plan to dedicate a considerable amount of time to Carver. Please feel free to check back on Monday, November 21, 2011 to see what all has developed. And please, please, please, if you feel even the slightest bit inclined, post a message here on the blog. Let me know you’re here, what you’re thinking. Add any comments, ideas, criticism–if you like it, if it bored you, or even if this just isn’t your thing–what is? Or just say, “Hello.” It can get a little lonely here, just me playing with my imaginary friends.

Anyway, if you’re not impressed with Carver or maybe even if you are, you might like to read some of the poetry, articles or the little modern-day treasure hunt story I have going in progress. I invite you to click around and explore. Check back as often as you like–I try to post daily or at least every other day.

I have received some questions about what I do for a living, and yes, I am a professional writer–a freelancer. I do commissioned work–poetry, articles, websites, social media, press releases, business writing/proposals, copywriting, and I design amazing multimedia PowerPoint presentations. I also am a freelance communications consultant and provide trainings, workshops and develop multi-layered communications plans to help businesses sustain and thrive. Feel free to contact me here for any reason!

Happy trails  –Daphne


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