09 Nov

Rivalry of the head, a laughable
act of war waged on thought
and silent action.

Your Honor, it is unforgivable and
irrational and scandalous and…
that you should put on trial my
thoughts and their bloody results, which
sleep soundly

For what of consequences? The
apparatus has nothing to engrave but
humiliation and hardship. So the driving
ambition and legacy of judicial lunacy
hold America strong.

No head or scholarly art exist in the trial
from the first seeds of conflict to the
end of the performance. Ideal retribution
against everydayness and ordinary and
the impoverished.

A strange cannibalizing machine–by the people for
the people–humiliating all to conform and protect
ourselves from ourselves by condemning and
punishing ourselves.
The crime? Being.
Pray we don’t lose all our good heads by our own hand.

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Posted by on November 9, 2011 in POETRY: Culture


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