09 Nov

If I were to cross my eyes
Hopscotching on damp sidewalks
I’d ponder the logic of multiplication
But will opt to go draw a picture instead

If I were to crush on a boy
Getting my ears pierced today
I plan a trip to my first rock concert
And pack up my toys to give to charity

If I were to join the glee club
Study French as I plan my escape
I’ll wear only black for one whole month
In protest as my parents throw away my stash

If I were to curl in a small ball
Staring at my roommate’s nice stuff
All neatly decorated in her corner of the dorm
While my box of junk and old suitcase mocks me

If I were to fall madly in love
Yearning for every touch and kiss
Every sound of his voice and image of him
To lose him with my heart bleeding all over the floor

If I were to repeat that last verse
Over and over and over and over and…
Different voices, different faces, different places
Each time convinced I would hold onto this love for life

If I were to finally succeed in life
Career, home, family, savings, vacations
Finding adventures and laughing through pain
Learning that friendship is more important than lovers

I might be me.

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Posted by on November 9, 2011 in POETRY: Self portrait


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