Liquid Breathing

09 Nov

Diving under majestic waters
The jellyfish swarm translucent
Dreaming in hues of blues and
White lacy backgrounds as a
Backdrop to wonders in a new world
Popping corals and clownfish and
Sea anemones and voluminous
Plankton clouding yet invisible to
The eye as daylight illuminates
Shallow depths. A lifetime of beauty
Captured in a drop—life on an ocean’s

If I could live beneath the waves
A calming essence of mineraly
Saline to inhale the wonder and
Untold tales of dreams captured
By myriad daydreamers who toss
Their souls upon Posidon’s fork
Which sink as jewlboxes trapping
Lost possibilities, because the nature
Of impossibility was believed. And the
Tides shift with resulting tears.

Realism too often serves as a deathtrap to
Hope, but then the white dolphin sings
His song while thousands of suns sink
Behind thousands of horizons, and we
Drink in again, dreams renewed by
Seaside waves and engulf our small
Heads filled large with desires.


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