Bad Juju

09 Nov

I dance…
An angry dance on blistered toes though
Abandoned and neglected still I dance.
The drum beating voodoo rhythms in
Masqueraded possession. I don’t know
This demon. But she is me. And will be
forever. Eyes roll back into a dimension
That knows no time – boundless but knows
Me. Intimately raped and torn open with
Spears, but no blood spills for my possessor
Has no blood to spill. Yes. I am her. Absolute.

My name is universal. I need no name to be.
My heart is of softened death. I need not a
Drop of blood to breathe. My eyes see finite
And infinite without succumbing to glance. I
Need no optics to view. My rain is everlasting.
My tide is always high. My moon is enteral and

I drink a zombie tea and capture the quizzical
Style of fainting goats. I stumble undead upon
An aboveground Cajun tomb. And I rest with
My heart that has no beat and wring hands that
Cool ice. And yet I dream, though colorless and
Apathetic and ambitionless that dream may be.

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Posted by on November 9, 2011 in POETRY: Dark


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